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For you to be an informed investor you must be aware of the momentum of both the Stock Market and the Economy. My Benchmark for the Stock Market is the Value Line Arithmetic Index because it is an Equal Weighted measurement of the performance of the... (full story)

News Release 25 Massachusetts • Ste. 450 • Washington, D.C. • 20001 • 202-547-7800 Web: www.wheatworld.org                                                                   Twitter: @wheatworld   For Immediate Release                    ... (full story)

Hedging Futures Price Risk Through the Futures Market & Trading Levels 1.24.2020 (full story)

Interim Buy Signal Registered on Thursday (full story)

Mar. corn closed at $3.93 and 3/4, up 5 cents Mar. soybeans closed at $9.09 and 1/2, down 4 and 1/4 cents Mar. soybean meal closed at $298.90, up $1.00 Mar. soybean oil closed at 32.48, down 54 points Mar. wheat closed at $5.80 and 1/2, up 2 and 3/4... (full story)

The co-chair of the Governors’ Biofuels Coalition wants to keep up the fight against RFS waivers.  Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, who along with Kristy Noem of South Dakota chairs the Governors’ Biofuels Coalition, says there needs to be pushback... (full story)

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The USDA says pork and red meat production hit record monthly levels during December 2019. Pork totaled 2.443 billion pounds, a jump of 9% from December 2018, with the slaughter also 9% higher at 11.394 million head and the average live weight... (full story)

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Today, Discovery Park of America in Union City, Tennessee, announced the initial sponsors and partners for “AgriCulture: Innovating for Our Survival.” The permanent exhibit, dedicated to telling the story of […] (full story)

Milk futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange were mostly higher Thursday ahead of a mostly neutral milk production report but reduced class and component prices for February. January Class III milk down a nickel at $17.00.  February up 18... (full story)

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Milk production during December was up slightly on the year and the month. USDA says production in the U.S. was up nearly one percent compared last year at nearly 18.3 billion pounds with production per cow up 86 pounds.  The herd size... (full story)

Florida is set to host it’s annual Dicamba Stewardship Training on February 18th from 9-11 am CST (10-12 EST), with a similar format as the previous years. (full story)

Brownfield Anchor/Reporter Amie Simpson will be on the ground in Columbus on January 29. 2020 for the Ohio AgriBusiness Association Industry Conference. Continue reading Ohio AgriBusiness Association Industry Conference at Brownfield Ag News. ... (full story)

Trade was mixed to start the day with grains in positive territory while soybeans were on the negative side. Even though soybeans are oversold they are being pressured by elevated South American harvest activity and yield reports. The lack of busines... (full story)

Coffee Utilized Production Down 1 Percent from Last Season... (full story)

Record High Red Meat and Pork Production in December... (full story)

December Milk Production up 0.9 Percent. Milk production in the 24 major States during December totaled 17.4 billion pounds, up 0.9 percent from December... (full story)

Pecan Production Up 14 Percent From Previous Year... (full story)

With news of the virus spreading concern over the price action on several commodities needs to be addressed. (full story)

Effective Thursday January 23, 2020, the following symbols will be removed from DataCenter. • 1F GOLD ENGELHARD FABRICATED USGS • 1H SILVER ENGELHARD FABRICATED USGS • 1N PLATINUM ENGELHARD FABRICATED USGS • 1... (full story)

The Environmental Protection Agency replaced the 2015 Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule with a final rule called the Navigable Waters Protection Rule on Thursday.  The final rule is fully consistent with the Clean Water Act and recent Supreme Court... (full story)

March 2020 Corn futures are trading up 4 cents as of writing this report, poking through the key 392.25 prior highs of January (and the resistance found from the high of the November WASDE report). (full story)

The EPA says it will formally announce it’s new rule later today to replace the Waters of the U.S. Rule under the Clean Water Act. EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler says the new Navigable Waters Protection Rule “strikes the proper balance... (full story)

The 15th annual Alabama-Florida Peanut Trade Show is set for Thursday, Feb. 6, at the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds in Dothan, Alabama. Registration and doors open at 8:30 a.m. Attendees […] (full story)

Ethanol production declined last week while stocks moved higher. The U.S. Energy Information Administration says production averaged 1.049 million barrels a day, down 46,000 from the previous week’s more than six-month high and a new... (full story)

We experienced a moderate price stall near the end of 2019 and experienced... (full story)

What's the trade - ES, NQ, Crude, Gold, Bonds. (full story)

...Transportation Index will rise above the 11,800 level on an upside breakout move. (full story)

Lean hogs are up as much as $1.40 at midday after triple digit gains on Wednesday. The 01/20 CME Lean Hog Index was at $61.02 after an 84 cent increase. USDA’s Pork Carcass Cutout gained another $0.72 this morning, up to $79.46 cwt. Primal cuts mov... (full story)

The wheat market is continuing yesterday’s correction. Chicago futures are the firmest with a 1/2 cent drop so far in the front month. KC wheat futures are down by 1 3/4 cents at midday, and spring wheat futures are 1 1/4 cents higher. CBT spot fut... (full story)

Cotton is hosting the third consecutive triple digit move day, as futures are back down 100 points in the March futures. The two previous sessions have featured triple digit days in opposite directions as well. On 01/21 The Seam online cotton trading... (full story)

Trading action in the corn market has prices 3/4 to 3 cents higher, with stronger gains in the March futures. The USDA announced this morning a private export sale of 143,948 MT of corn to Guatemala, with the majority (114,224 MT) for 19/20 MY delive... (full story)

Soybean futures selling has carried over from yesterday into the Thursday session. Front month bean futures are down 4 1/2 to 5 cents at midday. Soy meal futures are back up by $0.20/ton in the March futures. March bean oil futures are 43 cents lower... (full story)

Live cattle futures are lower so far, with April futures down by triple digits. Front month feeder cattle futures are continuing some of yesterday’s losses with futures falling another 35 to 65 cents. The 01/21 CME Feeder Cattle index was down 29 c... (full story)

Trading action in the corn market has prices 3/4 to 3 cents higher, with stronger gains in the March futures. The USDA announced this morning a private export sale of 143,948 MT of corn to Guatemala, with the majority (114,224 MT) for 19/20 MY delive... (full story)

Another round of light direct cash cattle trade is underway.  A few deals in Nebraska have been reported at $124 live and $199 dressed – all are marked for delayed delivery.  That’s fully steady with both last week and yesterday’s business.  Asking... (full story)

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For this rally to sustain (through 2020) we need some additional earnings power (to support the multiple expansion). There are 3 factors that could help us get there... (full story)

CORN Corn futures are leading the grains complex higher today, with Mar up 4-1/4 to 3.93, May up 3-1/4 to 3.97-1/2, and Jul up 2-1/4 to 4.01-1/2. Optimism over near term Chinese purchases of corn and DDGs has dwindled lately, but global demand has b... (full story)

United States running bales ginned by January 15, 2019 is 18,288,550... (full story)

Farmers in a handful of Midwestern states are once again being asked about production numbers this month as USDA works through its second recount of the 2019 season. Great Lakes Regional Director for NASS Marlo Johnson tells Brownfield production... (full story)

USDA officials have started to construct a comprehensive Food and Mouth Vaccine Bank this year with new funding from the 2018 Farm Bill. Dr. Sarah Tomlinson with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service says there are seven main types of... (full story)

DJ Analysts’ Estimates for January USDA Cattle-On-Feed Report The following estimates, as compiled by The Wall Street Journal for the nation’s feedyards with a [...] (full story)